ethereal muses

writer of the fantastical and mystical


Ⅰ. taija v. marie
Ⅱ. twenty-four
Ⅲ. black
Ⅳ. bi + demiromantic
Ⅴ. ☉ capricorn ☽ scorpio ↑ capricorn


fantasy ⋆ dark academia ⋆ na ⋆ bipoc ⋆ queer
SERPENTRUM; a seemingly abandoned greenhouse that is taken care of by two seniors every year. now, from afar, it seems like a normal greenhouse; full plants, herbs, and flowers that are meticulously taken care of by the chosen. but after dark, after hours, it becomes something else.SERPENTRUM; a bustling apothecary with a rich clientele, and two keepers with otherworldly abilities. a botanical alchemist, that dabbles with elixir’s of life and a tea diviner, whose brews let you see and feel the future.They are both vying for the same thing—the chance to apprentice with the magister, where they are guaranted a new dealt hand. But when one of them accidentally awakens something that was thought to be slain, they realize the apothecary is not what they thought it to be.